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Gwardians® Sleeves Standard Size 63,5 X 88mm

4,20 €

100 protège-cartes au format STANDARD pour les cartes de dimensions jusqu'à 63,5 x 88mm.


4,20 €

Quantité :

- Pack de 100 pochettes protège-cartes

- Accepte les cartes de dimensions jusqu'à 63,5x88mm (format STANDARD)

- Épaisseur : 80 microns (mid-Premium)

- 100% clear

Gwardians propose plusieurs tailles de protège-cartes en qualité 80 microns. Le compromis idéal, ni trop épais ni trop fin ! 

Exemples de jeux compatible avec ces pochettes : 

Game of Thrones: The Card Game (Second Edition), Aeon’s End, Arcadia Quest, Archipelago, Arkham Horror, Ascension, Big Books of Madness, BoardGameGeek: The Card Game, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Clank!, Claustrophobia, Colt Express, DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Dead of Winter, Dungeons & Dragons, Evolution, Fleet, Gang of Four, Gloomhaven, Gosu, Harry Potter Trading Card Game, Hero Realms, HeroCard, Hordes, Imperial Settlers, Jaipur, Joking Hazard, Karmaka, King of New York, King of Tokyo, Legendary Encounters, Lord of the Rings Deck-building Game, Lotus, Mage Wars, Mechs vs. Minions, Nightfall, Pandemic, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Pokemon, Race for the Galaxy, Samurai Spirit, Seasons, Shadow Hunters, Smash Up, Spirit Island, Star Trek, Star Wars The card Game, Terraforming Mars, Thunderstone, Ticket to Ride : the card game, Titanium Wars, V-Commandos, Vikings Gone Wild, Viticulture, Warhammer Invasion, Warmachine: High command, Xia, Zombies!!

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